Vancouver Quadra Riding Association: Government Spying, and How to Stop It

In Canada, the Conservative majority government is currently pushing legislation that would give authorities unchecked powers to monitor your online activity with little oversight and no need for a warrant. The cost of these new spying requirements will increase dramatically -- and be passed on to you. 

Host: Joyce Murray, MP for Vancouver Quadra

Speakers: Taleeb Noormohamed, and Glyn Lewis & Lindsey Pinto of

Under the guise of protecting children from predators, the Harper government wants to force through laws that would: 

  • Increase surveillance of your Internet activity: This legislation would force Internet providers to track, preserve and provide information about your online activity upon request.
  • Increase the cost of your Internet access: In order to comply with these new spying requirements, costs will increase dramatically and be passed on to consumers. 
  • Remove the need for warrants: Government agencies could demand your private information with no authorization from any legal authority, "without a warrant, without explanation and in secret... unwarranted surveillance can have devastating consequences"
  • With your support, we can force the government to hold open, televised committee hearings and stop them from using dubious tactics to limit debate and ram the bill through Parliament to avoid further scrutiny.