While the bulk of Lindsey's work has been pitching stories and setting up interviews, she does frequently act as a spokesperson for the organizations that employ her.

Lindsey has been quoted in print and online, has been interviewed on radio stations across the country, and has appeared on broadcast television news. Some of that coverage can be found here.


CBC News: CRTC closer to code of conduct for cellphone companies

Article by Lisa Polewski for CBC News:

Catherine McCoy has had her share of frustration with cellphone companies, and she says the CRTC's upcoming code of conduct for the industry is "a great idea."

At one point the 26-year-old McMaster student received a bill from Telus for about $100 worth of data, for example, which the company explained was the result of her phone updating itself automatically. McCoy was eventually able to get that fee removed from her bill.

Yahoo! Finance: Cut your cable bill

Article by Gail Johnson for Yahoo! Finance:

Lindsey Pinto hasn’t had cable TV since 2006. The Vancouver resident was going to university at the time and got rid of the service to save money. She hasn’t missed it.

The Globe And Mail: Bell to stop 'throttling' Internet traffic

Article by Rita Trichur for The Globe And Mail:

In doing so, the companies partly credit their “extensive” network investments for discontinuing the practice. Throttling, known in industry parlance as technical Internet Traffic Management Practice (ITMP), generally targets peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing through sites such as BitTorrent by slowing down speeds of the heaviest users during peak traffic periods.