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Poverty Reduction Action Committee: Communications strategy workshop

The Poverty Reduction Action Committee (PRAC) is a space for everyone to share, learn, and put it all into practice. At their April meeting, they hosted a special workshop on Communications Strategy and making campaigns more effective. Participants learned about designing the most effective slogans and images, and making the best use of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter so that their message is loud and clear.

Groundswell Academy: Intro to Google Analytics

A twenty-minute overview of Google Analytics geared toward participants in Vancouver's new Groundswell Academy, who are looking to build social enterprises, co-ops, and non-profits. Check out the presentation slides here.

Simon Fraser University: Guest lecture on influencing broadcast policy and regulation

Lindsey talks about the importance advancing and protecting public interest oriented policymaking, citizen engagement in public policy analysis, and the role of the CRTC.

Communication Freedom Summit (Capilano University)

A thought-provoking, disturbing, and laugh-out-loud hilarious evening exploring the health of your freedom to communicate, and the health of Canada as a free and democratic society.

UBC Law: Guest lecture on civil liberties and technology

A chronology of Canada’s efforts around lawful access and the community response to those efforts, including OpenMedia’s efforts.

Media Democracy Day: Who's Watching You? The Politics of Surveillance

Privacy experts spoke about threats to civil liberties in the context of electronic surveillance. Amidst recent reports of federal concerns over foreign control of Canada’s online networks, the panel promises to address threats to both personal privacy rights as well as national security.

Capilano University: Pushing back against media concentration

Lindsey talks about building the coalition of citizen and consumer groups that pushed back against Bell's takeover of Astral Media, and led the public engagement campaign at The campaign led to the CRTC rejecting Bell's bid to aquire Astral.

Bill C-30 Internet Privacy Public Forum

MP Libby Davies hosts a public forum in Vancouver about Bill C-30, the Conservative Bill that aims to violate our privacy.

Vancouver Quadra Riding Association: Government Spying, and How to Stop It

In Canada, the Conservative majority government is currently pushing legislation that would give authorities unchecked powers to monitor your online activity with little oversight and no need for a warrant. The cost of these new spying requirements will increase dramatically -- and be passed on to you.

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